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Posted by Admin On October - 7 - 2009

Administrators of this site witnessed and continue to witness continual vulnerability of children and youth not only in the education system but the juvenile justice system, which demands that an open conversation begins that allows many to participate and allows others to be curious enough to do the same.  For years, children have not been assimilated into the education system because of cultural, emotional and physical disabilities.  At the same time,  many who are in the system have been shortchanged, as well.  Enough is enough. This website will examine why and what can be done.   Let those who read this brief excerpt consider supporting this effort through their free exchange in the comment sections.  We can all learn from each other.  Broadcast first the 



To promote conversation and examine education in a non partisan format for all participants in the process that leads to net working for solution building, with allowance that one size does not fit all, and the understanding that learning is individual, sequential and required for maintenance of family values and livelihoods.


        1      To encourage those “on the outside” of the education system to look into schools, issues, problems, and challenges 

         2        To give opportunity to those who are “on the inside” students, teachers, and parents to share with readers what works and what does not

         3        To become involved in the column “What Shall I Do, which responds to questions related to “how to do it,” problem solving,  per the first article  “when teachers bully.”

         4        To through current events e.g. the president’s speech encourage discussion, opinions either through words or cartoon contributions.

          5        To encourage merchants that advertise to provide workable skill-building activities for the readership.

           6        To provide a format that represents a magazine/newspaper that will give a larger variety for creativity and presentation.

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