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Are Parents the Missing Link?

Posted by Admin On October - 9 - 2009

MISSING LINKAre Parents the Missing Link in Public School Education? – Getting Mom and Dad Involved

As parents, we all want to be involved in our children’s education. We want to know that our students are receiving the best schooling possible and that the environment that we are sending them off into is nurturing and positive. Over the last several decades, public schools have started to receive a bad rap, being accused in some cases of providing a sub-standard education to children whose parents cannot afford a private school education. One link that many public school administrators have been able to make though is that the more involved the parents in their district are, the better the students in their district perform.

Many private schools require not only a hefty financial contribution from parents, in the form of tuition, but also a certain level of parental environment. It is not unheard of for a private school to require parents to donate a certain amount of time every year and attendance at a specific number of school events. Smaller private schools may rely heavily on parental support in the classroom, with parents often serving as chaperones on field trips. Students whose parents are actively involved in their school seem to have a better overall school experience. There seems to be a direct link between parental involvement and academic success.

For parents that cannot afford to send their children to private school, there is a vast public school system in place. Public schools do not have the ability to require any parental involvement in the day to day operations of the school. As a result, many public schools find that their parents are, on the whole, uninvolved in their children’s day to day educational experience. While some children do have parents that are involved through PTO and PTA organizations, many parents will very rarely if ever see the inside of their child’s school. For children who lack that level of parental involvement, there appears to be a direct link to poor academic performance.

There is no simple answer to the parental involvement puzzle. Parents need to work, in order to provide their children with the necessities. Parents that cannot afford a private education also can often not afford to take time away from their jobs to be involved at school. Schools that have a low level of parental involvement often suffer from widespread poor academic results. There must be a link between the two. Bridging the distance is the real challenge in front of today’s educators and parents.  In preparation parents might want to look at the materials below for assistance in their efforts.


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