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Bullying – Cyber As Well

Posted by Admin On January - 10 - 2016

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Bullying has always been an issue in American public schools. It is shocking and staggering to note that 20% to 70% of all children will be bullied or will witness someone else being bullied during their school years. The bully of the past was bad enough, but when you add technology to the mix; bullying takes on a whole new persona. This is a major and immediate problem which is being taken very seriously with-in America’s legal and educational systems.

Bullying is an act of aggression. This aggression leans toward an imbalance of power and is likely to be repeated. Due to the age of the aggressor and the victim, it often escalates beyond the point of no return rapidly and it can cause serious and lasting effects to both the bully and the victim. Violent acts in school are no longer allowed or tolerated. In the decades past a parent might tell their child to “stand-up to the bully” or to “fight back”. However, today’s school has a zero tolerance to fighting of any kind. A shove back or a punch in the eye will result in immediate suspension or worse. The rules are clear; the victim must tell someone in authority.

Most bullying takes place in middle-school and the early high school years. Telling a kid to tell the teacher may seem logical to an adult; but it makes the child a target for even more name calling and being labeled a tattle-tale or cry baby. When a child is 12 years old this is a big problem.

Even if the child accepts the name calling and follows the rules, telling is not always the solution. Bullying goes well beyond the school yard. Virtually every child in the education system has some access to the internet. Internet bully campaigns keep the pressure on. Photographs, video tapes and clips of the child being taunted, harassed and humiliated circulate over and over. Children who are afraid of becoming a victim often team up with the bully as insurance of their own safety. Parents, law enforcement and educational leaders have little control over what happens outside the boundaries of the school campus. This sense of helplessness has led to children taking their own lives many times. What is the answer?

The tools needed to combat bullying must be instilled in our children. Anti-bully programs must be put into place. We must teach children to choose their words and actions carefully. We must enforce the consequences of breaking the rules but at the same time, we must find out why the bully is determined to cause someone pain. Often we find the bully is in pain as well and he or she needs help.

We must show a child how to stand up for someone who if being picked on. We cannot just speak the words. We must show them and assist them. Law enforcement agencies around the country are fighting back with technology. They are fighting fire with fire, so to speak. They are showing children that no path is untraceable and they are being exposed.

Celebrities and people in authority are speaking out more than ever before to support the victims of bullying. Bullying is a community problem and it will require a community solution.

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