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Charter Schools

Posted by Admin On February - 7 - 2010

charterBy definition charter schools can be elementary or secondary. They may be set up by parents, teachers, whomever feel that the public school is not working.  They use public monies and are a part of the public school system.  The main difference is that they are not strapped with many of the regulations of public schools, but, still, must produce the same accountability.

Many charter schools have smaller classes better teachers, run longer hours, may often have students dress in uniforms, and if over prescribed, becomes a part of a lottery drawing. There is diversity in learning protocol, focus, and more often then not they end up with the upper echelon of public school kids that need private school templates at the expense of the public taxpayer dollars.  Even without the cream of the crop, charter schools have done much better then many of the public counter parts.  Seemingly, smaller is better and helps students focus.

Currently, the administration in Washington supports the increase in charter school development.  Two reasons come to mind for this push, first it allows for choice which guarantees more success then the local public school system mandated.  Second it gives the current public school system which is broken an opportunity to develop more effective teachers, move in state of the art technology and revamp curriculums to encourage more science and math experiences.

The big question is why are public schools, where so many taxpayer dollars go year in and year out, failing?  Should the system be totally scrapped in exchange for charter schools?  Would the taxpayer get off cheaper with better results? These are questions to think about?

But for those who choose charter schools, the question for them is “why settle for less”, especially since this choice has what the public schools can only envy.  Already, independent principal are being tried in the public school system.  Talk of longer days and shorter vacations is around, and will probably be tried, as well.

Whatever works and can be replicated makes sense if the public school system is to pull into viable worldwide competition. What say you?

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  2. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place

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