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Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2013


Just like communities, every governmental entity is empowered by the level of education of its constituents. The name of the game for cities, counties, states and nations is productivity and problem solving. Countries that show higher educational results also show higher growth. Education empowers everyone from the student to the government. Quality education should be important to every person that lives in our country. Even if your children are grown or you have no children, each citizen that passes from student to worker plays a direct role on your life, your community and your country.

While many people might cite the failure of parents as a main reason for the ‘throwaway’ children of our society, there is at least one man who believes that someone else needs to be held responsible. President Obama gave a speech on September 8, 2009 in Arlington, Virginia that was broadcast across the nation. It was about public education. It was about children succeeding in school to create a hope for a better future. But it wasn’t about the lack of responsibility by parents or teachers. It wasn’t about children learning their values and discipline from their role models. It was simply about children taking responsibility for their own education.

When the President addressed the nation on that September morning, not everyone was listening. Many schools didn’t broadcast the speech for various reasons, but the message still rang true and clear: children need education, and children need to be accountable for the responsibility they have to take the education that they are given and make the most of it. To a certain extent, this is probably true. Children cannot be governed completely by parents or teachers, as they are humans with free will.

President Obama spoke about the skills that are obtained through a public (or private) education, and how critical those skills are in life. He said things that many children have heard countless times from other adults in their lives. Did it make a bigger impact because he is our country’s president? No one really knows. Every child will have a different reaction and acceptance of the speech they heard. Some will blow it off. Others will take it to heart. Still more might remain understanding, yet apathetic about actually following through on the words he spoke.

Parents are often seen as the missing link in educational failures when it comes to children. One way to combat that issue, especially when it becomes impossible to get parents involved, is to teach children how to excel despite the circumstances that they are in. This seems to be the point that Obama was trying to get across. He is quoted as telling children that “Where you are right now doesn’t have to determine where you’ll end up.” This is a good thing to teach children, because there are times when the missing links just cannot be connected, and these students will have to create their own connections to succeed in life.

To read the full transcript of the speech given by President Obama on education, visit the White House website transcript:

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