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In looking at the overview of education, examining how education is handled and the identification of the key players and their impact on the process; empowerment underpins.Therefore, it is the intent of this website at this time to examine education and its presentation. Know first that the key players include, the parent, teacher, student, community and government. Know too that the key indicators that will be examined in this website include choice, discipline, economics, traditions, support, and effectiveness. Each plays a part in empowerment that occurs through knowledge and implementation of what has to be learned.

Right out the gate, every person alive, including me, you, and we receive empowerment through education. While you might believe your day passed for additional learning, you’d be wrong. Every day we learn something new. It might be insignificant or very practical but we do learn. Consider the single mom that decides to go to an auto mechanic course at the local night school. She’ll no longer be subject to less than honest repairmen, not necessarily because she’ll do the work herself. On the contrary, the education empowers because she’ll know that a loose muffler won’t make her tires fall off while she’s driving or that changing a taillight shouldn’t cost 12 hours of labor. You can benefit from additional education. Everything you learn gives you more knowledge and knowledge is power.

If you give your child the opportunity to receive a good education, it also empowers you. Parents can only do so much for their children and then it’s the child’s responsibility. Teaching your child discipline, honesty, integrity, work ethics and providing a good education is solid groundwork for their future. At that point, it’s up to them to use what you’ve given. When you empower your child, it empowers you.

Education empowers students because the value of a good education is in the options it offers those who seek it. If the student has an advanced degree, he or she might go into any area of specialty or even choose a position that simply wants someone with a college education. He could decide to go into business for himself or simply chose a low paid position that requires no special training. The choice is his. The education empowers him because he has the opportunity to make that selection. A person with no advanced degree can either choose the lower paying position or go into business for himself or herself. Of course, you’ll always find the exception to the rule, the person that manages to fight their way to the top without any formal training.

Supporting the educational system empowers the school and the teachers. Without parental and community support, the school has a rough road to travel. Teachers need everyone’s help to be their most effective. The help doesn’t have to come from an extra hand in the classroom. It can be as simple as supporting school decisions and the teacher or making certain the lines of communication are open between you and the school.

Communities receive empowerment when they have high numbers of educated individuals and good school corporations. People want to live where students receive quality education. As people move into those communities, it increases the tax base and empowers the community. Communities also benefit from educating their citizens. Statistics show that people with a better education earn more money. More money in the hands of the citizens means more revenue into the community.

Just like communities, every governmental entity is empowered by the level of education of its constituents. The name of the game for cities, counties, states and nations is productivity and problem solving. Countries that show higher educational results also show higher growth. Education empowers everyone from the student to the government. Quality education should be important to every person that lives in our country. Even if your children are grown or you have no children, each citizen that passes from student to worker plays a direct role on your life, your community and your country.

The overview above lets us move into the six indicators named earlier, choice, discipline, economics, traditions, support, and effectiveness. It also allows you to get involved through sharing your thoughts and experiences. Such participation may help someone else who is experiencing a similar situation.

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