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Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2013


Supporting the educational system empowers the school and the teachers. Without parental and community support, the school has a rough road to travel. Teachers need everyone’s help to be their most effective. The help doesn’t have to come from an extra hand in the classroom. It can be as simple as supporting school decisions and the teacher or making certain the lines of communication are open between you and the school.

Some believe an effective teacher is born rather than created. It is true that teaching is an art, but one where mastery is possible with appropriate direction. There are specific requirements that each candidate must possess, however, in order for the instruction to be successful.

The teacher must have a love for knowledge and the desire to impart it. They also must have a strong intuitive sense and caring nature. Most of all, teachers must expect that their students will learn and believe in not only the students, but also their own ability.

Classroom management skills are important as are subject matter mastery. Here is where education and mentoring help the novice teacher. Often they face situations that they never considered while attending university classes. The seasoned teacher not only can help them through these times but also provide a working model for the novice to mirror to avoid crisis in the classroom.

The core requirement to good teaching is belief and a firm grasp on classroom management. The teacher sets the pace for each child in the classroom. The more the teacher believes in the child’s capability to conquer subject matter, the more successful the student is. This is the Pygmalion effect, also known as Rosenthal’s self-fulfilling prophecy. The higher the expectation of the teacher, the more the child tends to accomplish.

While this optimistic attitude may not be natural for many of the new teachers, the teacher can learn to do this with practice. It involves first, identifying the need to see each student as capable. The teacher learns the importance of this concept in college or with a mentor. Once the novice teacher understands this, they then need to make a concerted effort to see each student as capable. They need to understand that the ability to learn is within each child, the key is finding the method to unlock that ability.

Teachers need to be able to sell the concept of the child’s capabilities to the child and their family. In order to do this, they must be able to spot even the most minimal of growth and take the time to call parents and tell them of the child’s achievement for the day. Often, parents seldom hear from the teacher unless their child is unruly. This positive technique builds not only the esteem of the child, but also a cooperative attitude in the parents.

Classroom management is a task that requires a well thought out plan ahead of time. Classroom rules with rewards and consequences need assessment so the teacher can put them into written form before the first bell rings on the opening day of school. Children need to be aware of the rules immediately. The use of a mentor helps to identify the necessary rules to maintain classroom order.

Establishing the classroom routine the first day of school is also another way to help the class run smoothly. Again, the help of a mentor to create a manageable program is beneficial. Children that know what is required of them and what to anticipate next often find learning easier than those who have to anticipate what happens next.

Effective teaching requires organization, identification of goals and rules but it also requires the strong belief of the teacher that it is all possible. The most effective teachers are those that don’t give up in the face of adversity but look for ways to use the new information they gleaned from it to make their classroom more effective for learning. Marjan Glavac has some suggestions.

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