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Facts That Can Motivate

Posted by Admin On January - 10 - 2016

amazing-facts-to-blow-your-mind-part-3 Facts About Our Education System To Inspire You

In today’s day and age, a lot of peoples worth have to do with their school history, and whether or not you graduated or found yourself struggling to get accepted into colleges. There are a lot of unknown facts about the education system that has been built in America, to the point where the unfair and alarming rates the system has seen is shocking. In fact, there are a lot of people begging that more federal funding ends up heading towards education in order to fix and secure the system that America desperately needs in order for our children to be prepared for the road ahead of them.

The way our education system is typically rated is based on the rate of graduation. According to research, African American students had a 70% graduation rates across the nation, Hispanics had a 73% graduation rate, Asian’s had an 88% acceptance rate and Caucasians had an 86% graduation rate. These rates are averaged according to different schools around the country, with different areas having different percentages.

Another piece of startling information is the fact that our education system has growing that it needs to do. Fortunately, a lot of media attention has been shined on this area, and the process is making a slow but gradual change. During the 1980’s, our country and education system was the in the lead of all high school graduation rates and school systems, securing America as one of the top countries. Now, based on a survey in 2012, America was listed as number thirty-six on graduation rates and tests scores of high school students.

Those graduation rates depend on the city and state, with different states having a higher percentage of students graduating on time. The states with the lowest graduation rates, which is averaged at around less than 60% of students graduating late, include New Mexico, Louisiana, and Georgia. The states with higher percentages, which range from 80%-90%, include Wisconsin, Iowa, and Vermont. Across the country, around 1.5 million students didn’t graduate on time, an important fact to know for our children that our entering high school and want to make sure to prepare themselves.

Finally, around 1.4 million students across the country didn’t graduate, and instead decided to drop out of high school completely. This is a very alarming fact, especially taking into account the amount of money the country would have seen if the students had graduated. On average, the estimation is that America would have seen around $350 billion from the annual income of these students if they had graduated and entered a higher work force.

Whether your future student is scared of these rates or allows them to motivate them, understanding the position our education system is in is important to prepare us for the position our family members will be in.

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