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Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Why Home Schooling

How American Education is Coming Full Circle

homeschoolsliderIn the early days of American education, most children received their education at home. Though there may be a small school available, it was often only attended by the boys in the family. Girls were kept home, and taught the bare basics of reading and arithmetic by their mothers and grandmothers. Of the boys that did attend school, many of them would not attend much into their teens, when they would be called upon to work on the family farm, or in the family business. Over time, the scope of education expanded, and students, male and female began attending school in greater numbers, for longer periods of time.

Our modern day educational model places all American children between the ages of 5 and 18 within a traditional school. Children are taught in age based grade levels and attend school outside of the home, for 9 months out of the year. Whether they attend a private school or a public school, the vast majority of American children attend a school. A traditional school setting has long been thought to be beneficial for teaching students social skills along with academic skills. There is however a growing number of families that are choosing to go back to home schooling, for a variety of reasons.

One of the most popular reasons for choosing to home school your child is religious. With America’s strong emphasis on a division between church and state, public schools are afforded less and less opportunity to allow any religious thinking or teaching to occur. The majority of private schools incorporate some religious instruction into their curriculum, but many families cannot afford the tuition. Home schooling gives those families a chance to instruct their children from a religion-based curriculum, insuring that children are taught a religious perspective as well as an academic one.

There are many other reasons that parents may select to home school their children. For some parents, it is a case of what is best for their child. Severely shy or socially anxious children may suffer in a larger school setting. Some children are not close enough to a school with enough regularity to attend. For other families, there may be health or safety concerns, which drive their decision. Whatever the reason, the fact is that there is a growing society of parents that are home schooling their children. It seems that sometimes, history does in fact come full circle and that in and of itself is an interesting history lesson.  To read more on this topic  CLICK ON 


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