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Impact Of Recession

Posted by Admin On April - 9 - 2010

DWDapril08The recession hits not only the working force but also their children. Even if a person has a secure and well paying position, it doesn’t mean that their child is not affected by the lower economic productivity of society.

Most school corporations raise their funds from taxing property owners in their district. State income tax also provides additional funds to operate the school corporations. At times of economic downturn, these sources of revenue slowly decline and dry up to the point that school corporations have to make dramatic cuts in their staffing and programs.

During a recession, when many students often require even more services from the schools, often the budget restraints demand that fewer services are available to the students. Student that come from families who lose their homes to foreclosure, now face the dramatic change to homeless without the aid of counseling, since many schools eliminated those positions.

Parents, often faced by looming bills and no money to pay them often face dilemmas that include the purchase of appropriate school wear, food, shelter and medical care. The stress that results creates a tense environment for students, at best and a dangerous one at the other end of the extreme.

It is often difficult for students to face the overwhelming effect of poverty when attending school. Lower grades and humiliation go hand in hand with economic disaster to the family. While some parents have the ability to maintain a positive attitude during tough economic times and pass this on to their children, it is rare to find these individuals.

Foreclosures also often mean change for students in other ways. If the family has the resources, they can find local housing to rent at a lower outlay. Some also face moving in with other family members until they find work or a higher paying position. Those who have neither option often look at the homeless shelter as their only alternative.

All of the options available to the family that suffers foreclosure due to the recession often uproot the child and have a negative effect on their educational process. The child resumes the educational process in not only a new school, but also as a student with the additional stresses, which come from not having enough money.

During the times of recession, however, often programs such as counseling are cut and the students have limited sources to turn to when they need them most. Parents, of course, always provide the pivotal foundation for the student, but they often find themselves also overwhelmed in difficult economic times and therefore often unavailable to provide the necessary support.

In times of a recession, teachers and school administrators need to be more aware of the problems faced by the student because of economic disaster in their family unit. While counselors may seem expendable during these times, they often are far more necessary. If the school doesn’t provide them, it should be imperative that teachers receive help in understanding and implementing techniques to aid the student of the newly poor families.

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