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Parallel Tracks

Posted by Admin On February - 7 - 2010


TRACKSThe linkages between neighborhoods, communities, jobs, class status including ethnicity, and, public education is profound, like fates intermingled.

That education determines one’s future and livelihood, though a simple statement is complex.  The complexities occur with the quality and quantity of the educational  experience.  In some cultures education is the highest priority within the life cycle. The powerful and the rich have classroom seats in their alma maters held for their children, and college attendance is generational.  Colleges would deny this, but research would probably bear such occurring. 

Practices such as these are exclusionary for those who come from poor backgrounds and minorities.  Thus, it becomes harder to break the poverty cycle or move from the poor class to the middle class or higher.

If education is to be most effective common human needs, food shelter and clothing must be met.  Throwing in health care, decent housing and respectable jobs will allow families not to have to work so hard to meet ends.  IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID; a mantra from years past continues to have a life of its own.

The independently funded initiative used by the Bloomberg administration made conditional cash transfers available for poor families who made sound decisions.  Monies were offered for successful actions i.e., taking kids to doctor’s appointments, getting kids to school, and many other positive life style moves.

Did this money change behavior?  Not necessarily by itself, but combined with other supports  the possibility is strengthened.  On the other hand critics see this as rewarding poor folks for what other folks in society do as apart of day-to-day behavior.

Try closing your eyes, seeing tracks carrying programs on their run. Good paying jobs running on one track, affordable housing on another, health care on another and so forth. See as many parallel tracks as need be, to better the life of the children and youth that attend the public school system. That they should be parallel is to ensure that no life activity unfulfilled can impact on the education of America.

Payoffs for all of these efforts could find the county providing education second to none, lifting folks from poverty in a country with so much wealth: it is uncountable and longevity for its citizens that gives envy an audience.  Let the following material assist in accomplishing education goals.



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