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Posted by Admin On October - 9 - 2009

problemss-150x150Problems in the United States Educational System

What education should be is a chance for people to become independent, critical thinkers with the ability to discern new answers for themselves instead of passively accepting what currently exists.  This should happen by giving children the skills and intellect they need to grasp how the world works and how they can survive in it.  Unfortunately, the United States educational system is full of problems and currently not delivering such intellectual minds into the world.

One of the biggest problems in the system today, that many other problems are linked to, is the fact the it does not allow much room for students to become critical thinkers.  They are treated instead like worker bees programmed to maintain the status quo.  There is such a focus on grades instead of work content that it becomes the only focus of many students.  Since they grew up in the system, it becomes normal to them, but parents remember when the system was different.  The leaders of the recent past came from a very different educational system, one that trained them to think critically, thereby setting them up for success.  The largest amount of concerned thoughts are stemming from parents who have strong feelings about their children being labeled as a B student, an A student or a C- student at an early age in elementary school.

With such a strong emphasis on grades, tests seem to a primary means of determining information retention.  This is a huge problem because children develop an attitude of study only if they know they will be tested on it.  If the teacher says, “I want you to think about this and come up with a good solution to the problem I have presented” and a student asks, “Will this affect our grade?  Will we be tested on it?”  If the teacher says yes to both counts, she has their attention, but they will only complete the assignment in a way they think will satisfy the teacher so they can receive high marks.  If the teacher says “No, this is simply an exercise,” the importance to the students has been sucked dry and most will not even bother.

This problem is probably most easily identifiable to top-notch teachers and parents who want to see educational reform in this country.  Children who have grown up with overemphasized importance of grades and tests are often blind to the issue at hand.  Information retention for a test and nothing more is not the way to set up children for success in the world of business and fast-paced decision making. 

The following material would be helpful as parents continue to face problems related to raising their children in a system that over relies on  grades and tests.  In the scheme of things there are other things to focus on then just tests and grades in the development of a well rounded student.


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