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Posted by Admin On October - 9 - 2009

big6-steps-needing-repair-150x150The Country’s School System – Fixing Problems from the Outside In

The public school system today is falling apart.  Some schools literally are very old buildings that are desperately in need of repair to properly serve the children trying to learn inside.  In most situations, though, the falling apart is figurative.  The system is outdated, rooted in teachers with tenure, unions, old buildings and limited technology.  There are three primary players in getting the system fixed and up-to-date with the fast-paced world in which we live.  These players are students, teachers and parents.  Each one has a voice and should speak out for a revamp of the system.

The standards in the current school system have been applied unevenly.  As we all know, one size rarely fits all in a given circumstance and certainly not in the educational realm.  Instead of a system where children can be individualized and worked with on a personal level to determine where areas of special attention may need to be granted, everyone is expected to meld into the system.  It has been this way a long time, and taxpayers continue to foot the bill for a very expensive system with little if any input regarding what they are paying for.  Curriculums need revamping, and textbooks should be updated to be more factual and relevant.

This website is designed to give readers and the country as a whole a chance to give their input on educational matters in their communities.  Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss issues as they affect you and your family personally and look for ways to contribute to relevant conversations that are trying to fix what is wrong.  The first step to finding a solution for any problem is to make it known to as many influential people as possible.  Also, by expressing your feelings and observations, you will quickly find you are not alone in your thoughts.

There are three main groups of people that have a direct influence on the system.  The purpose of the system is to cater to teachers, parents and most of all students.  When it fails to do so, these three key players are the first voices in the process of changing and improving the system until it does what it has promised to do all along.  By being given a voice, teachers, parents and students take up a higher level of accountability and responsibility to their schools and community.

Of these three primary players, parents can play the most important role in making a change.  You must advocate for empowerment and use it when you get it.  You decide the factors of who, what, when, where, why and how the changes occur.  “Who” might include the leaders that are behind on the times and need to be updated or it might refer to a greater number of parent volunteers assisting in school efforts.  “What” is exactly the change that will occur, starting with your voice.  “When” gives you a timeline, because not everything can happen now.  “Where” helps with targeting what parts of the country need help immediately the most.  “Why” is a very important question that must be thoroughly supported to get your ideas put into action.  No one will implement what you suggest without a solid reason why.  “How” is the other absolute question to ask.  This website is designed to answer all these questions with the collaboration of parents, teachers and students from around the country.

Every problem in the system is rooted in something that is out-of-date.  The old-fashioned idea of tenure can lead to corruption among school leaders.  It was not an issue when it was first implemented and truly valid, but with power-hungry individuals making their way into every organization on earth, it is an idea that should be done away with, according to many concerned parents and students.  Old buildings and limited technology are key factors in saying the system is outdated.  If the school system really believed that one size fits all, they would supply every child equal opportunity to learn.  As it is, all the system seems capable of accomplishing is expecting every child to perform the same without providing many children with what they need!  Teachers unions are also a hot topic of discussion on this website.

This website belongs to the readers.  It is a resource for you to use as a tool to communicate with each other and to review benchmark cases such as Brown versus Board of Education.  As you look at each others’ thoughts, you may learn something new you had never considered about the system before!  The point of this website is not to gripe about problems without finding solutions.  It is to combine thoughts with others and come to find solutions to fixing the system.  A better system is out there somewhere, and it all begins right here.  Ways in which parents can get further involved include looking at materials presented below.



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