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Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Parents as Role Models for Children in Public Education

resolutionsliderThe public education system is a collective forum that belongs to the entire nation. It is not about wrong versus right, good versus evil, or any other competition. It is about coming together as a country, recognizing that there are issues that need to be resolved, and working together to resolve them. People have the right to free speech, free press, and all of those things that make life in America so desirable and worth living. The ability to use a forum like this site to create discussions, launch healthy debate, and speak about what each person believes to be most important is invaluable to those freedoms.

The parents and adults that surround the child as he or she grows are the role models whether they like it or not. Children will mimic what they see, and they will aspire to emulate those around them, regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative. Children must be taught right from wrong, good from bad, and success from failure. Of course, the only failure in life is when you fail yourself, and teaching that to children is critical to their future growth.

Role models will teach children, subconsciously or consciously, about which things in life are most important. Why worry about what you are inadvertently teaching children when you think they are not looking when you can simply focus on teaching them strong family values and good moral character as a way to live their lives? The ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra does not work. These children live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. You have to give them their freedoms, show them how to be brave, and teach them values that respect and appreciate the opportunity that they are given in this country.

We might never agree on everything as a society, but as a country, we will always defend the right to say what we please. It doesn’t matter if your beliefs are different than someone else’s, because you accept and encourage their right to those beliefs, or you should. Children do not need to be sheltered, taught bad examples, or told that they cannot be successful because of their circumstances. As a role model and a parent, it is your job to set the stage for success from day one.  To assist in your efforts,  use this matrial.       

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