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Challenges Of The System

Posted by Admin On January - 10 - 2016

9bef 9H Challenges With-In The American Public School System

One thing parents, teachers and government officials will agree on is there is much room for improvement in the American public school system. Many of the areas which create serious problems with the learning of America’s youth are evident. However, the answers to the problems are not as forthcoming. Let us look at some commonly agreed upon issues that have been identified.


Poverty is a common problem in many areas of America. When a family struggles and lives below the poverty line, it has a direct impact on the focus and ability to learn of the child. Though there are many social programs in effect to assist with these issues, a solution is not yet in sight.

When a city or town has a rising number of poor citizens, there are fewer people in the work place which means fewer people paying taxes. Soon the impact is felt throughout the town or city and the direct result is less money for education. This leads to schools being consolidated and closed. This means children are spending extended periods of time being transported to and from school. Children are unable to arrive to school in time for free or reduced priced breakfasts. They are unable to participate in after school programs which assist with snacks, and tutoring. The child suffers as does the American family as a unit.

A hungry child cannot focus. A child forced to spend extended hours in transport does not get the rest they need. We end up with an underfed and over-tired child trying to struggle through the school day. This is more than most adults can handle day-to-day.

Finally, a child struggling with poverty is more likely to drop-out of school than a child with adequate basic needs being met.

Classroom Size

As money for the public educational system gets tighter, classroom sizes are impacted. Some reports show, as many as 17% of American classrooms are well beyond the recommended ratio of 30 students per teacher. That number is being increased continually in some states and is expected to hit 25% in the very near future.

When a classroom is bursting at the seams, a teacher must keep the momentum going. He or she has no time to stop and assist the one or two students that are having problems. There are too many other students to consider and too much information to cover. This means a child is more likely to be left behind unless his parents are able to assist him or unless they are given special attention via tutoring or one-on-one instruction. Unfortunately, by the time the child is discovered as “struggling” it is already too late to catch up with the class. The pace is too quick and the teacher cannot afford to slow it down.

Frustration and self-esteem issues cause this child to give up. Our public school system loses the child that needs it most. As we continue to tread water with the education of America’s young people; we must ask ourselves what the future holds for the American family and for America as a nation.

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