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Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

In Schools -  Bullying, Victims, and Intervention

violenceViolence in schools is a serious, albeit overly talked about topic. When people discuss issues that impact the public schools systems, violence is one of the most popular issues. However, talking about does not serve to rectify the situation or make things better for anyone. There needs to be a preventative method for dealing with anger and violence in schools before it becomes an issue that simply has to be cleaned up. Fighting back against violence seems to be on the top of everyone’s agenda, but aside from locking the doors and enforcing ‘zero tolerance’ policies, schools aren’t really doing a lot to prevent the issue. How about a little compassion?

Children aren’t taught how to handle bullying, violence, and aggression in their regular education. Parents often don’t teach them these things in a utopian hope that they’ll never have to deal with them. Let’s face facts. This isn’t Utopia. Children ARE going to be exposed to violence of some type at some point in their lives. Teaching them how to handle it properly and the best responses is going to go a lot further than trying to pretend like it can’t happen. It started years ago in high schools, and is slowly progressing to become a problem even among children in elementary grades.

On October 27, 2009, a 15-year-old girl was gang raped outside of a school dance. The worst part? There were at least a dozen witnesses who stood by and watched the attack. People stood by, watching and taking videos on their cell phones, and no one offered or tried to help. No one went to get a teacher or parent, and no one called 911 or the police. No one did anything, and that was their argument for the most part. These students actually believed that they didn’t do anything, so they shouldn’t be held accountable. They stood by for TWO hours or more and watched this girl be raped by up to six people and beaten nearly to death. When did kids become so desensitized to violence?

What about the case in Chicago where the 16-year-old boy was beaten to death for no reason? He was passing by a vacant lot on his way home from school Thursday September 24, 2009, when he was pulled into the fight that had already been started there. When all was said and done, the honor roll student was dead, and the gang members who started the fight walked away with their lives.

The violence is getting out of control because children learn that it is okay, and sometimes even acceptable, as a means for dealing with problems or even just a way to have fun. Assaulting other people isn’t fun. Being a murderer isn’t fun. Children need to stop thinking that violence is okay. As parents, teachers, and administrators, it is not likely that you can stop all the violence in the world on your own. However, you can find ways to teach children that violence is NOT okay, and that there are better ways to deal with things than fighting.   Look at the material on website

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  1. constance says:

    The violence that continues in schools today needs to be put into check. It would seem that the school officials can come up with some kind of programs to help students with this issue.

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