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What Shall I Do – Repeating Grades

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

The Parents’ Role in Creating Discipline, Stability, and Values

whatshallsliderWhen a child is asked to repeat a grade in school, the outcome is almost never a positive one. There are, of course, many things that can be done to prevent this problem and curb any chances early on of a child falling behind. If you are able to create a positive and encouraging environment in the home then that can transpire into the child’s educational setting and stop a lot of the problems before they start. If you’ve already reached the point beyond prevention, dealing with the issues is something that must be done at once, and done properly.

Prevention- What Can Be Done

Instilling values in children starts early. They must be taught discipline at a young age and learn the values in life that will make them productive citizens into the future. They need stability and an environment where they can do homework and find integration between their educational and home lives. A child needs a place to do school work that is quiet and focused. They need a home where education is promoted, and where they are shown praise for their accomplishments. If children are not praised and disciplined at home accordingly, they will carry that over to school causing less than desirable results when it comes to their success in education.

Values, discipline, and cooperation are at the heart of any home where a child will succeed. Parents need to stop their own lives for a moment and focus on the lives of their children. In today’s busy world, it’s hard to find time for family, teaching values, and proper discipline. However, it is now more important than ever for these issues to be addressed. Without a proper upbringing and home environment, a child will not likely succeed in an educational environment.

After the Storm- Dealing with Repeating Grades

If it is too late for prevention that does not mean it is too late to create successful children. Many children who have had to repeat grades in school have turned out to be successful adults in the end. The trick is to start fresh and realize that there is a problem that caused the educational setbacks. Then, you must address the problem and work towards a solution WITH your child. In life, you cannot do things for them. It would be easier this way, but it would not be productive. In order to create the next generation of productive members of society, they need to learn on their own how to succeed in life.

In either situation, here are some suggestions for changing attitudes, environment, and the ultimate outcome of their education:

-Teach children discipline and values at a young age. Learn ways to show them cooperation and integration of their home and school lives. Make sure that they understand the importance of education.

-Pay attention. In many cases, the most common cause of children rebelling or falling behind is a lack of attention at home. When they do well, no one notices. Therefore, they will begin to do poorly or act out to get noticed. As cliché as it may be, negative attention is better than no attention at all in the eyes of a child.

-Get involved in the child’s education. Talk to teachers, get to know fellow students, and make sure that you are involved in your child’s life constantly. Your own life is important, but nothing matters more than raising a child that can have the best chances of success in the future.

When a child is forced to repeat a grade, no one is going to be happy about it. However, with prevention and correction tools in place, the situation can be avoided in many cases and create positive changes when it isn’t avoidable.  

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