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The Speech

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Education- Raising Standards and Responsibility for Future Hope

speechsliderWhile many people might cite the failure of parents as a main reason for the many vulnerable children in the education system, there is at least one man who believes that someone else needs to be held responsible. President Obama gave a speech on September 8, 2009 in Arlington, Virginia that was broadcast across the nation. It was about public education. It was about children succeeding in school to create a hope for a better future. But it wasn’t about the lack of responsibility by parents or teachers. It wasn’t about children learning their values and discipline from their role models. It was simply about children taking responsibility for their own education. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Opposition

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

The Debate and Opposition Surrounding the President’s Speech

oppositionsliderWhen President Obama addressed the nation’s students on September 8, 2009, not everyone was inspired. In fact, many conservatives and other right wing critics were all but appalled at the claims that were made. The fear of Socialism has caused many people to ignore the message for the sake of attacking the messenger. Many times in life, people end up in a position where they have this same reaction. If you trust the messenger, you will likely trust the message that they are spreading. If you do not trust them, you’re not going to believe what they teach. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most of the opposition to the speech came from those who already didn’t believe in President Obama before he even began. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Resolution

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Parents as Role Models for Children in Public Education

resolutionsliderThe public education system is a collective forum that belongs to the entire nation. It is not about wrong versus right, good versus evil, or any other competition. It is about coming together as a country, recognizing that there are issues that need to be resolved, and working together to resolve them. People have the right to free speech, free press, and all of those things that make life in America so desirable and worth living. The ability to use a forum like this site to create discussions, launch healthy debate, and speak about what each person believes to be most important is invaluable to those freedoms. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Dealing with Children and Conflict Resolution

angersliderDealing with anger can be a complicated issue for any parent, teacher, or other adult involved in the lives of children. There are many different things that need to be considered and looked into when choosing how to effectively deal with anger. The most important issues that will surface include: control, stress and stressors, when other emotions present as anger, and how to teach children to properly deal with anger and conflict in their lives. There are four faces of anger that you should be aware of: Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

In Schools -  Bullying, Victims, and Intervention

violenceViolence in schools is a serious, albeit overly talked about topic. When people discuss issues that impact the public schools systems, violence is one of the most popular issues. However, talking about does not serve to rectify the situation or make things better for anyone. There needs to be a preventative method for dealing with anger and violence in schools before it becomes an issue that simply has to be cleaned up. Fighting back against violence seems to be on the top of everyone’s agenda, but aside from locking the doors and enforcing ‘zero tolerance’ policies, schools aren’t really doing a lot to prevent the issue. How about a little compassion? Read the rest of this entry »

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Anger Management

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Gaining Control and Establishing Discipline

managesliderAnger management is a serious issue among school age children. Aggressive behavior can be triggered by many different events in a child’s life. These events can happen at home, at school, or out in the world that we live in. what is important is learning how to recognize the early signs of anger problems and dealing with ways to resolve and control anger before it gets to an unmanageable point. Punishment is effective enough, but often causes more rebellion than what might have happened in the first place. Read the rest of this entry »

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Closing the Gap

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Between The Races In Public School Education


closingsliderAmerica is a land of great cultural diversity. Nowhere else in the world can you reasonably expect to find people of so many different races, colors and creeds living in relative harmony with one another. The founding principles of our country focused on all men being created equal, and to a large extent this is lived out, at least on the surface. One of the inalienable rights that are afforded to US citizens, regardless of whether they are African American, Latino, Asian or Caucasian is access to education. All American children are entitled to a free public school education. The truth is though, there may be a wider gap then is depicted that we still need to close between the educations that you get at public schools, depending upon where they are located. And, some gaps are larger in some schools then in others. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Beat

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

The Many Sounds


sonicsliderAs parents look for activities that will bring the family together in quality time, Song Producer gives opportunity like parlor games and Nintendo to have family members not only become creative but challenge the other’s music capacity for creativity.  There is relevance to the old adage that “the family that plays together, stays together.”  For years, Monopoly and landing on the Boardwalk or Park Place challenged competitive egos.  Today, with “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars,” music is taking its place as an activity, either for family members to watch together or as a challenge for the development of individual talent. Read the rest of this entry »

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Home Schooling

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

Why Home Schooling

How American Education is Coming Full Circle

homeschoolsliderIn the early days of American education, most children received their education at home. Though there may be a small school available, it was often only attended by the boys in the family. Girls were kept home, and taught the bare basics of reading and arithmetic by their mothers and grandmothers. Of the boys that did attend school, many of them would not attend much into their teens, when they would be called upon to work on the family farm, or in the family business. Over time, the scope of education expanded, and students, male and female began attending school in greater numbers, for longer periods of time. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Shall I Do – Repeating Grades

Posted by Admin On November - 22 - 2009

The Parents’ Role in Creating Discipline, Stability, and Values

whatshallsliderWhen a child is asked to repeat a grade in school, the outcome is almost never a positive one. There are, of course, many things that can be done to prevent this problem and curb any chances early on of a child falling behind. If you are able to create a positive and encouraging environment in the home then that can transpire into the child’s educational setting and stop a lot of the problems before they start. If you’ve already reached the point beyond prevention, dealing with the issues is something that must be done at once, and done properly. Read the rest of this entry »

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From the Outside Looking In

Posted by Admin On October - 9 - 2009

big6-steps-needing-repair-150x150The Country’s School System – Fixing Problems from the Outside In

The public school system today is falling apart.  Some schools literally are very old buildings that are desperately in need of repair to properly serve the children trying to learn inside.  In most situations, though, the falling apart is figurative.  The system is outdated, rooted in teachers with tenure, unions, old buildings and limited technology.  There are three primary players in getting the system fixed and up-to-date with the fast-paced world in which we live.  These players are students, teachers and parents.  Each one has a voice and should speak out for a revamp of the system. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Impact of Brown vs. Board Today

Posted by Admin On October - 9 - 2009

        Impact of Brown versus Board of Education Today


Over fifty years after the legendary ruling that determined that segregation in schools was unconstitutional, Brown v. Board of Education is still a topic of fierce discussion. One of the largest debates is the impact that this historic ruling had on public school both then and now. Surprisingly, one of the main discussion points is whether or not Brown v. Board of Education actually managed to reach its goal of integrating students and guaranteeing the rights of all American students to receive equal education under the law. The emphatic answer is a resounding, no. Read the rest of this entry »

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Failing Schools

Posted by Admin On October - 9 - 2009

FAILING SCHOOLSAre Public Schools In Crisis? Are Our Schools Bleeding?

America is a land of opportunity. One of the opportunities that are afforded to every citizen is education for our children. Through a network of public school systems, free education is available to every child in America. There are those however, that believe that our public schools are in crisis. With populations rising, and budgets for education shrinking, our educators are being asked to do more and more for our children with less and less. As our economy suffers, more and more children are living at or below the poverty level. Families are turning to their school districts for subsidized lunches and other assistance in record levels. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are Parents the Missing Link?

Posted by Admin On October - 9 - 2009

MISSING LINKAre Parents the Missing Link in Public School Education? – Getting Mom and Dad Involved

As parents, we all want to be involved in our children’s education. We want to know that our students are receiving the best schooling possible and that the environment that we are sending them off into is nurturing and positive. Over the last several decades, public schools have started to receive a bad rap, being accused in some cases of providing a sub-standard education to children whose parents cannot afford a private school education. One link that many public school administrators have been able to make though is that the more involved the parents in their district are, the better the students in their district perform. Read the rest of this entry »

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