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Education, Its Challenges And Way Forward

Posted by Admin On April - 23 - 2017

The Way Forward xMany setbacks and challenges currently bedevil education in the United States. The quality of education has reduced. Amidst the various measures to curb this trend, people are of the opinion that enough effort is not done. Yet, rigid plans at putting our educational system in the right path is a mission easier said than done. The most important task is to identify the ever-changing challenges facing the sector. Thus, prevent a state of emergency in the educational system. It is worthy to note that parents, teachers, and students alike face these challenges.

Family challenges limit the involvement of parents in the educational process. These challenges include limited family resources, divorce, lack of time, and career. This results in continuous struggle in school and low educational success of students. Today, schools are accessible to students from middle and upper class families. Thanks to rapid increase in university and college tuition. More so, a huge number of students are out of school due to difficulty in securing students loans. Where a student loan is possible, outrageous interest rates become a burden. Dropping out of school becomes the only available option. With no intervention in view, crime, drug abuse, and outright poverty become the order of the day in the long run. Is it possible to remedy the situation? Most Americans are asking this question.

The lack of innovation in the training of teachers is a major challenge for teachers. The quality of education is declining because teachers lack the right teaching tools. This poses great dangers to students and the educational sector at large. It has made the teaching process somewhat difficult for teachers. Proper training of teachers with innovative tools and skills will remedy situations. Increase in budget allocation for the training of teachers is an escape route. As confirmed by National Center for Education, over-crowdedness in public schools is alarming. The Center notes that 15 percent of public schools house more students than required. Obtainable data show that only 40 percent of 80 who graduate from high school can read. Majority of them are not well equipped for college and real life. Thus increasing the number of school dropouts.

Safety is a major issue in need of urgent attention in our educational institutions. Home education is on the increase due to unsafe nature of our school. So rather, than attend school, people prefer now home education. The Trump administration is commitment in promoting a safety culture in our institutions. The Secretary of Education in Michigan echoed this commitment without mincing words. The result for extra school choice in the accountability plan of States seems low. Out of ten states to have submitted their plan, only three addressed this issue. Rather than propose new policies, focus is on improving existing policies about choice. More so, the quest for school voucher funding by government has raised issues. Among these issues is the need to standardize curriculum for all schools in the country. If this happens, improvement in the quality of education is sure. Students in public, private and home schools will have better learning exposure. The result will be steady improvement in the quality of education.

On a personal note, many unpleasant situations are thriving in the educational system. Inadequate funding, increased closure of schools, rising tuition, and budget cuts are rampant. Thus, the need for adequate funding and reopening of closed schools is essential. Thorough implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act is necessary. The time for a unified curriculum is now and where possible its implementation put in place. Increase in education budget in State and Federal level is a matter of national urgency. Nonetheless, Washington, States, and stakeholders of education must gear towards restoring our dignity. Parents must get involved in the educational progress for sustainable growth.


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