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Should You Homeschool Your Children In 2017?

Posted by Admin On April - 23 - 2017

home-schoolHomeschooling however ignored by the government is increasingly becoming popular among American parents. Recent statistics from the Education Research Institute indicates that the number of homeschooled children increase by 3-8% every year reaching 1.8 million in 2012, a 700,000 increase from the 1.1 million counted in 2007.

While these numbers show that homeschooling is in vogue now, it still doesn’t answer the question of whether or not it is for you.

The Homeschooling Myth

It’s funny to think that in earlier centuries homeschooling was not only common, but it was the norm. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the law made it compulsory for children to attend private or public schools outside the home. Since then there has been a negative myth surrounding homeschooling.

Many critics suggest that homeschooling will deprive a child of many aspects of education especially socially and mentally. This may hold to some extent, but with the recent evolution in technology, social activities do not have to revolve around school life anymore.

Besides homeschooled children have been shown to do way better in academics than public or private schooled children. In fact, a study done in 2009 revealed that 67% of homeschooled children eventually graduate from college, compared to 59% of public schooled children, 54% of Catholic schooled kids and 51% of private schooled kids.

So is Homeschooling Better?

While the stats are very encouraging, it is not so clear cut as one is better than the other. What homeschooling does is encourage an open-mindedness to what has become a rigid and machine-like educational system.

The reality is that times are changing and we are dealing with a new generation of kids who are tired of the same old menu of biology, chemistry, physics, and statistics.

They want more practicalized learning, they want to learn things that they can see and apply to the real world, they want to consume what they like and not what they have to, and the traditional school system does not exactly offer this.

Besides, several states are accommodating homeschoolers more into the system every day. States like Michigan welcome homeschooled kids to public school interscholastic sports. They also allow children to attend public school for part of the day and take advanced placement classes as well.

When Should Homeschooling Stop?

This is a nagging question for almost every parent. For starters, it is easier to homeschool younger kids than older ones. Thankfully, the flexibility of mixing both home and public schooling as mentioned above can solve some of these problems.

Generally speaking, homeschooling is a joy for some parents and kids, but a nightmare for others. If it doesn’t work for your kids or you, stop.

There are other options to homeschooling and traditional schooling. Charter schools are the most popular alternative at the moment, and based on the speech by the new secretary of education, Betty DeVos, it might be a major focal point for the Trump administration.


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