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Trump’s Administration And Its Education Blueprint

Posted by Admin On April - 23 - 2017

Education is key to nation building and development. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the US has always being rated as one of the countries that offer sound education. Is that still the case today? Most parents who want sound and quality education for their wards would be concerned about the blueprint of Trump’s administration for education. Any country that does not get it right in educating the younger generation is destined to fail. It requires a lot of determination to see that the education system succeeds.

468851272 The challenges facing the education system today are enormous both on the part of students, parents, administrators and teachers. These challenges are pronounced in the public schools.
Some of the challenges facing the education system in the US includes poverty, the size of classrooms, family issues, technology and funding just to mention a few. Where these problems mentioned above are not handled with care, the major losers are the students and their parents. For instance, where funds are not made available, it would require cutting down the number of staff. When staff strength is reduced and it doesn’t correspond with the population of the students, there is no way the students would get the best education. The teachers would be over-labored and wouldn’t be able to give out their best.

During the campaigns, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump spoke about their plans for the education system. However, the mantle of leader fell on Trump. Trump has an education blueprint, and many people still await the implementation in the coming months. It is still not certain the effect the educational plans of the current administration would have on homeschooling, public and charter or choice schools. In the last decades, homeschooling has increased and most parents are buying into the idea. Some of the major reasons for homeschooling is the cost of education, religious beliefs and concerns about the school environment. Some parents are also not satisfied with the instructions dished out to their children in school in public and charter schools. It’s obvious that the 2017 budget for public schools decreased compared to the previous years. If the education system is still facing a lot of challenges despite billions of dollars that are injected yearly, how then will the cut in the budget by Trump’s administration for the US department of education help?

The anticipation for a better and quality education in this current administration is high. Most people are eager to see how their blueprint would pan out. It is too early to cast aspersions or praise this administration until their plans and implementation are clear for all to see. Let’s wait and see what will unfold in the coming months. There is no doubt in my mind that our education system needs help.


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